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Date:2005-03-22 00:03
Subject:Russia's greatest love machine.

I have been having the most dull time of my life.
I've been spending way too much time with the parents, it's driving everyone nuts. My dad and I argue more when I'm around more. Since Freddie and I have been on the rocks, I've nothing to fill my hours with. I miss him but loathe him for leaving me. Time certainly doesnt heal all wounds. Eduardo keeps popping up all over the place, just when I manage to forget about him; voila! there is he. I swear he's doing it on purpose. I loathe him too.
Erica and I are going to become beatniks. Writing poetry and talking in fragment sentences. About time. I can't believe we only thought of it now. We've also taken to listening to 'Yesterday' by the Beatles, followed by 'Let it Be', followed by 'Eleanor Rigby', followed by 'Rasputin' by Boney M. The last one is just to lighten the mood a little. Of course you really wouldn't think the story of Rasputin would be a lightening one. But there you go.
I wonder how they feel about beatniks in Russia.

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Date:2005-02-27 20:10
Subject:Emotional Ball of Weeping Mucus
Mood: infuriated

It's been some months since my last update, but I've got so much going around in my head right now, I really need to write some of it down.
Yesterday was an absolute disaster. Completely horrible.
So Eddie tells me his family is moving to Alberta, there are lots of jobs there apparently, and after he's done this year's schooling, he's going to be going to the U of A. And he starts talking about if we should go back to being friends since he's going to be leaving.
Then I started crying, which was a stupid, horrible, girly thing to do. Because of that, I started to get short tempered with myself and with him. I don't know what's going on now, what's going to happen. He's been my savior for a few months now, I'm going to have to become independant again. Such a drag. Arrg I want to call him.

Theatre would be the only extracuricular activity I enjoy doing but Christie is driving me from it. I have never met such a primadonna! I'm this close (very close) to throwing in the towel.
My dad and I are getting into little feuds all the time now. It's so strange, we never used to fight, but now it's constant. We're probably both taking it out of mother too. I'm making a mental note to hug her later.
Freddie seems to be replacing me with this Meghan person. He made a little joke about me replacing him with Eddie (playing on the Eddie-Freddie, only difference in name being Fr), but I'm thinking now he might have been serious about it and is revenging himself. Well there'll be no Eddie soon enough.

It's a wonder I'm not dependant on Prozac these days!

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Date:2005-01-24 21:10

Note to self: Do your homework, damnation!
My lack of self-discipline is very frustrating!

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Date:2005-01-22 11:47
Mood: frustrated

Exams coming up... eek.
5 more days... maybe I should start studying... tomorrow or perhaps... or the next day.
Fortunately I have Eddie to keep me focused, in math anyways. He's the perfectly studly tutor.
These have been a good few weeks for me. I've been spending a lot of time with new buddy Charlie. He's a sweetheart, with a huge crush on Ali. Who can blame him?
Lots of wins and losses on the love front. Erica and Gorgey A have made amends but are still not together. Although I don't blame her for not wanting any loving right now, really gross tongue virus going on there. She's still lovely and gorgeous though. Poor girl, I'm simultaneously right in LJ and making her a care basket. If anyone happens to read this in the next hour and can think of something else to put in here that would be great.

In the mean time, I think everyone needs an update on the local gossip:
Christie (annoying mule-cow mutant, and supposed actress) is pissing everyone off lately, finally these drama nerds see the light. Took them long enough. She no longer beckons them to the dark side of the force.
Also, I have I mention how cute Charlie is? Adorable, and secretly Ali wants him.
Er... hmmm... The Trickster is getting into a lot of trouble with the Parental Units, it's about time he stopped being the favorite. And the whole family is going to see Grandma T (related to Mr.T perhaps?), I haven't seen her since I was 6 I think, anyways I have to recollection of her at all. Father not mother looking forward to the trip, which has me worried. But the biggest problem would be that Tegan and Sara are going to be playing in the big city but alas, we will be seeing Grandma T during that time. Although I don't have any money anyways. But still... Tegan and Sara! Eek!

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Date:2005-01-07 09:50
Mood: bouncy

I'm in the big city! Hurrah Huzzah!
I had to do much pleading but the parental units are letting me stay at the university in Alicia's Dorm. Of course, I did fail to mention to them that Alicia already has her friend for the snowing land East and there is no room for me, but we will keep that between ourselves. I'm actually staying Ryan's dorm, he's such a fun fellow. Of course everybody that finds this out says: "Ohh are you two like an item now? What happened to Eddie?" For the record, nothing happened to Eddie, and I'm just sleeping on the guy's floor, no funny business.
Last night Ryan, Alicia, Bronwynne (not sure about spelling, she's the easterner) Katie and myself went to a dorm party. Quelle bore, we left soon afterwards. Instead we met up with some of Ryan's friends and went out to tour the town. Unfortunately I had left my wallet behind, and had no money. Fortunately Ryan's friend Matt must be one of the local pimps, because he practically had wads of cash on him and he lent me some so we could all go get dinner. Matt would be my hero, except he keeps making all sorts of really stupid jokes about Ryan and me sleeping together. And I thought university boys were mature...

So this is where I'll be for the weekend, and unless I can bear to keep Matt around, I'm going to becoming literally broke. The city is an expensive place, bus fare alone could empty out my bank account.

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Date:2004-12-28 00:30
Mood: drunk

Well erica and I have been having an interesting evening.
With 4 liters of cider. hmmm.
We're just going to call it our celebration of fantastic things in our future. For once we both have fabulous males on our arms (something which as never happened simultaneously before, huzzah), and perhaps marvelous careers ahead of us. Ah but we shall see.
Goodness my head feels odd, Rica says 'stay true to your school!'

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Date:2004-12-25 20:56
Mood: chipper

Right now I'm very full of Christmas spirit!
Spent the holiday with the relatives who came up for the day. Particularly proud of the gifts given/received. True as ever, mother got me everything she knew I needed but always forget to ask for. Lots of socks, I've been doing the barefoot thing alot lately. We had are nice Christmas dinner, I helped out a lot. I also did quite well at that, for the information of all of you skeptics out there who would dare doubt my ability to cook. I am determined not to let the fact that you are the majority put me out.

Yesterday the gang all got together to gift give. Freddie and I bought each other High Fidelity, which was pretty funny. We were both overjoyed. It was very apparent that Gorgey A was somewhat anti-materialistic Christmas. He went on about it for a good 5 minutes but accepted presents with glee. I think he has his morals a little confused. Eddie loved the fedora I got him, he is damn sexy in it too. Got to keep my arm candy looking good, now don't I? He got me a bunch of old records, including Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Joe Jackson & Frank Sinatra, and promised many sushi outings. We have one scheduled for this weekend.

Since there is no one in the gang that is very religious, we're considering celebrating Festivus instead of christmas next year. We may not all believe in Jesus, but we do all believe in Frank Costanza.

Happy Holidays!

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Date:2004-12-18 12:12
Mood: amused

Okay long time, no update.
So here's what's happening:
School is out! X-mas Begins! Erica gave me my present early so I could have it for my pre-xmas shindig, it's one of those pink lights that say "Live Strippers". I love it to death. Currently it glows away in my room but I'll bring in out for the shindig, I certainly don't need to encourage people entering the rooms. Yes my parentals are going out of town just before christmas and I can finally be the hostesse of a fabulous partay. Togas are required by the way. Or donkey costumes.

I finished off this term with a C in math. No interm for me! Ha Mr.Philip! I'm willing to bet he had one all written up for me anyways, just in case. This makes me so happy. What doesn't make me happy is I have to write a billion words on WORMS for Biology over xmas, hardly in the spirit of the holiday. On the other hand, I'm top of the class in biology. Can you believe? It won't last long but for now, I will bask.

Mark sent me a candy gram this week which read: "Peace?" I just plain don't understand him. I have not been waging war, that was all him. I don't even want to repeat some of the things he has said about me. What is wrong with him? I can't believe I missed these major mental disturbances while we were dating. Maybe now he just doesn't feel so high and mighty since Lisa dumped him.

Joon left yesterday for the holidays, I will miss her quirkyness and our shoe shopping. Just when I have money too, unfortunately it must all be spent on presents. Hmm wrong frame of mind their, I love to spend money on cherished loved ones, I do not love being broke and unable to go anywhere. I feel bad because I've kind of given way and let Eddie pay for more and more outings. I should buy him something fabulous for him for xmas, anyone have any suggestions?

Christmas! Huzzah!

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Date:2004-12-06 19:19
Subject:Mr.Prat serves revenge chilled, Eduardo saves the day
Mood: contemplative

I hate math, hate, hate, hate. Mr.Philip called today. When he asked for the Mrs I considered for about 2 minutes if I should give the phone to my mother or pretend to be her. Eventually he asked if I was still there and I gave mother the phone. I shouldn't have. I'm grounded now, fortunately the Trickster is good for something after all and let me use his laptop.

I must get caught up in math... eventually.

So the ground rules are:

No phone, No computer, No Freddie, No Friends, No movies, No TV

Until I have given proof to my parents that I have done my math homework for the evening. And for the first few days not even then. I'm being cut off from the world. But there may be a brightside to this. Just after dinner there was another phone call. Eduardo! Who has mentioned to me that he prefers Ed or Eddie. Silly boy, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Anyways my mother told him (right it front of me, that horrible, sadistic woman!) that I was being restricted from the phone for the next little while. But my spaniard is a charmer and mother let me talk to him for 3 minutes. I told him of my math plight and it turns out in his 12th year, he was a math tutor. He took calculus, which amazes me. Not because he's not the brightest crayon in the box or anything, I just can't imagine what it's like to be that smart. So I got him to explain this to mother and she's considering. He said he'd do it for free too.

Although I'm sure we'd have to have adult supervision whenever he came over, to make sure we're really doing fractions and not each other. Still wouldn't that be neat? We just have to not mention that he tutored Principles of Math 10 not 11.


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Date:2004-12-04 18:27
Mood: ecstatic

Eduardo and I went for an early Subway dinner (he had to work later, he's a 'salad chef'. He makes salad) and had some laughs. He told me he really likes me and asked if I wanted to date exclusively. I replied in the affirmative but he caught on to my suspicion and asked me about it. I told him it seems a little funny that he wanted to date me exclusively, though of course realizing that he's not a shallow sort of person, but appearances matter to some effect for everyone. Then he told me I was gorgeous, so I figured, who am I to complain?

So that was my lovely evening. I have a boyfriend again, sheesh, I'm on fire this year! It is bad that a small, wee, little part of my kind of wants to parade my college, salad chef, mexican boyfriend around in front of Mark. I mean what goes around comes around, I still can't figure out why he likes to flaunt Lisa around in front of me, it isn't as if I'm the one who made out with her at a party. It is both sad and funny to see how many people don't really like him much now.

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Date:2004-12-02 21:55
Mood: flirty

You people have no idea how excited I am.
No idea.

I am really really excited. So last night I'm just sitting around, la la la, and the phone rings. And mother answers, and mother hands me the phone.
And it's Eduardo.
And I had to try so hard not to squeal with excitement. My god he has the sexiest voice I've ever heard.
Anyways. He asks: "What are you doing tomorrow?" I say: "Another day, another broadway show. What lies ahead for you?" (Nonsense, yes. He blurs up my thought process.) He says: "Well I was hoping you wanted to go to a movie, but you're busy with broadway..." I say (much to quickly): "I'm sure they could handle one night without me. The show must go on and all that."

I just came back from the movie.
It was beautiful.
It was heaven.
I'd say I was in love if I didn't know raging hormones have so much to do with my emotions.
He's so chivalrous, and he laughs at my jokes. Even the ones which makes little to no sense, which makes up about 85% of my jokes. We saw Ray and I loved it. Although they didn't put my favorite song, Some Enchanted Evening, in it. Ah well.

Flirting with him is the strangest thing, I say things like: "Are you a high jumper? No? Strange, cause you're making my bar raise." He laughs and then some time later he'll put out something like: "I love that" says he. "What?" says me. "How sultry and sexy you are when you at me like that from over your glasses." I believe I turned bright red, no man has ever said anything like that to me.
And that's how he flirts, just with these beautiful compliments every now and then. I love it, when I marry my first billionaire, he will be the first and possibly the only gardener I hire.
And he got mad when I wouldn't let him buy my ticket, it was so sweet.
So giddy, I could just burst. Damn I'm such a girl.

I'm turning 18 in 3 days. Life is wonderful.

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Date:2004-11-30 22:03
Subject:What is wrong with me?
Mood: confused

I'm at Freddie's, just got off the phone with mother. I'm spending the night here.
I find it strange that my parents just stopped carrying that I stay here, hell I'm pratically living here. Half my clothes and a spare toothbrush are here. I am not taking this as a good sign. Have the parental units just stopped caring? They're quiting while ahead? They figure I'm turning 18 and they shouldn't even try to have control over me? They have no idea what I could be doing here. I could be becoming a crack addict! I could be having unprotected sex! Laundring Money! Signing hit contracts! They don't know! Why do they trust me?!

They're are so many things wrong with this situation, including my not liking it so much. Now I kind of want to go home. I find this very depressing. And I didn't do my math homework.

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Date:2004-11-30 15:47
Mood: accomplished

New discoveries:
Blaine had chapped lips, not a cold sore! Huzzah!
Eduardo called Erica (from where he got her number we can only guess) and asked for my number! Huzzah!
Freddie is coming over in 15! Huzzah!
I'm going to the big city this weekend! Huzzah!
I got an A on my biology test! Huzzah!
Mother is buying my OK Computer for Christmas! Huzzah!
I'm turning 18! Huzzah!
I'm failing Math! Huz- Crap.

Pa will have my head when he finds out. Maybe I can make sure he doesn't find out. But knowing how much Mr.Philip hates me, he'll probably be calling the house sometime soon to inform my parents. Damn him.

Ali & Dan, sittin in a tree... teehee.

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Date:2004-11-28 02:02
Subject:Virus Alert
Mood: devious

I got Eduardo's phone number! Unfortunately just 15 minutes ago and I still have plans for money making tomorrow. Damnation, but perhaps next weekend. Although I feel a little funny phoning him, as if I had been hunting around for his number and asking pretty much everyone I know if they had it. Okay, so that's what I did, but he need never know it. Wonder if I will be able to work up the courage. I need some words of inspiration.

Just got back from a little party. We looked back on old times and played spin the bottle for kicks. I'm a little worried because Blaine looked like he had a cold sore. Maybe I'm infected now, carried around his virus. At least I can take comfort in knowing that everyone else at the party would have it now too. I suffer not alone.

Really starting to run out of money here. It's bad, I bought Moulin Rouge on DVD today, I couldn't help myself. I probably now have about 20 bucks to my name. Need a jod, desperately. If anyone knows of any good places, let me know.
I wonder what it would be like working at the Pizzaria, and would I get free pizza?

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Date:2004-11-25 23:48
Mood: frustrated

Ahahaha! All plans have fallen through the for the weekend, so I'm thinking: "EDUARDO, HERE I COME!" Except one thing... I have NO way of contacting him. What was I thinking in not demanding his email address, stupid, stupid Pruney. But something must happen, I will find that boy.
Got to wonder though, why is sexy mexican boy going after old Pruney? What is his motivation? There must be more to this than meets the eye.

School was tres long today, Christy is apparently very excited about my stage managing Macbeth. Liar, the feeling of wishing a sandbag to fall on her head is probably mutual. She knows who the competition is. Silly girl, she can't keep up being the lead in every play forever... unless she can clone herself. Dear god...

EDIT: Note the 69 percent lust, interesting indeed. Although the gluttony things must be wrong.

You scored as Lust.
















Seven deadly sins
created with QuizFarm.com

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Date:2004-11-24 15:34
Subject:Gouda & Eduardo
Mood: giddy

Groan, I'm so tired.
I think my parents should stop trusting me to go to Freddie's, get sleep and be well to go to school. We spent all night messing around with each other's msn accounts. If anyone had any strange conversations with me last night, involving sex, drugs and rock & roll, chances are you were talking to me. If they were strange conversations about wells and water systems, or gouda, then you were talking to Admiral Freddie.
So I went to school looking like hell today, which was terrible because one sexy spaniard (alright he's mexican...) came to visit the school today! (!!!) What I mean is, the visiting was great, the looking like hell; horrible. We caught him in the hallways during second block (much to my delight) and he & I chatted during lunch. I discovered his full name is Eduardo, how much sexier does it get? So much better than Ed. Were I he I would insist everyone call me Eduardo.
But what really made my day was when he asked me if I wanted to go have coffee and play cards with him on Saturday! I feel like a giddy schoolgirl (which is precisely what I am, coincidence? I think not.) But this all makes it all the more terrible that I have to spend all of saturday doing biology with Rica, since she's busy every other day and project is due for monday. But he & I agreed on some other time, so I can still be giddy about it. I have to wonder what is it in the past few months which has made me a male magnet? My theory is that it was my discovery of 'Intense' by Hugo Boss. Thank you Hugo my darling!

Eduardo... roar...

Must make mental note never to tell him I have an LJ. And has anyone else seen those fake perfume commercials which are really advertising for cheese?

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Date:2004-11-23 17:20
Mood: cheerful

My birthday in two weeks!
Only one year and two weeks until I'm 19!

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Date:2004-11-23 16:31
Subject:November sucks.
Mood: drained

Mr.Prat seems to think 5 pages of endless calculations should be a walk in the park. Loathe him.
I took on stage managing job, perhaps to my regret I don't know yet. I get to boss around Christie though. Dustin too, but those will be much different commands. Roar.
It's wet and cold and highly unpleasant. Pa is being moody. Prankster is being annoying. Mother is being too inquisitive. Going over to Freddie's to moan to him about my woes.

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Date:2004-11-22 17:14
Mood: working

Ho hum, it's odd how when one thing blows up, there always ends up being a huge chain reaction. Then once it has all died down there's... silence. I have been in my silence period for the past week or so. Nothing has happened, nothing at all. True, there's been lots of awkwardness (social and non-social, but of course mostly social) but not much to write about. It seems everyday, there's a new person I have to avoid. It's kind of depressing. Mark's been better lately, he's going out with Lisa now. Ouch. Ah well.

They want me to stage manage Macbeth now. Despite my bitterness I just might do it. I can find someway to off Christie while I'm at it. Muahahaha. Ahahaha. I hate that Dustin is Macbeth and she Lady Macbeth. He is quite fine. All the more reason to 'dispose' off Christie.

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Date:2004-11-14 19:07
Mood: pensive

So I was, in the dairy queen with Erica and Gorgey A. We were talking and so on, and some how the subject of the Hipster comes into the conversation. As it turns out, Gorgey A and the Hipster are friends. 'Aha! Fate has stepped in to re-build my love life! Damn she/he/it works fast! I must have Speedy Gonzales as my guardian angel or something. Woohoo' <--- those were my thoughts. SO we were having a movie marathon with the gang (Julie has joined the gang because her TV happens to be the size of my house. That's right we're superficial bastards) and Erica says to Gorgey A "See what he's doing tonight." And so the Hipster was invited. And I was giddy for the rest of the day. We head on over to Julie and when the Hipster arrives I nearly melted while beholding such a fabulous sight. Since we had to wait for Freddie, I corner the Hipster in the kitchen and had a chat.

At least 6 times in the conversation he mentioned his girlfriend. Completely unprovoked. Without warning. Obsessively. Arg. I could have gotten her address, gone to her house, knock on the door, then lept her throat as the animal kingdom instincts were coaxing me to. But I didn't. I defied my gut feeling and nodded and smiled. If I had a clone, I would have slapped myself. So we watched the movies but it was a damper on my evening. Which isn't to say I didn't use my seductive charms. But they failed, that girlfriend of his must have some kind of mind control.

Perhaps it was Fate's intervention. Fate tells me to stop revolving my life around the opposite sex. And I should take this to heart. But first I must go grocery shopping. One of the cashiers looks like a young, still living version of John Lennon.

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